Isabella Pojuner, Greece (July 2018)

Isabella Pojuner, Greece (July 2018)

Green: the cause, the unconditional love (to question and hate and continue to believe), intricacies i will always try to learn and respect

variations being the core of beauty

(maybe beauty is objective with a sufficiently large-scale view)

My direction.

Yellow: an energy that must be creative or else die, reminding you of complacency via discomfort, ahead of its time,

reckless, laughter

the component that will be criticised.

My god, the strength of it, the sensitivity, the self-deceit.

Blue: refractions and retractions

as in everything i need to push forward, never admit defeat or stagnation

but with a view to the innermost parts, the salt

that is left behind and the cycles that alter those crystallisations

Most powerful evolution