Isabella Pojuner, Greece (July 2018)

Isabella Pojuner, Greece (July 2018)

In the beginning God created the earth,

The sky, animals and flowers

He saw that everything was perfect

He gave us dominion.

And with that we built,

Ivory towers splitting the firmament between heaven and earth,

Glass ceilings reflecting the hell we manufactured

Harvesting the natural

Engineering the synthetic

And we worshipped

Gave it dominion and called it progress

Gave it dominion and it betrayed us

Gave it dominion and it destroyed us

Suffocating our minds with pseudo ideologies

Oligopolistic asymmetric knowledge

The logic of greed

Because he promised us eternity

And in all toil there is profit

We glorify the ashes of our right hand

and trade our brothers for pistol whipped gold

In the beginning God created the earth

And the earth was without form

And man fabricated its beauty

In the image of our capitalist ambition