Courtesy of NASA

Courtesy of NASA

Earthrise is the first student-led environmental journal.

We launched on 24-12-2018, exactly 50 years after the first photograph of terrestrial Earth was taken by Bill Anders on the Apollo 8 mission. It was one spark lighting up a powerful, continually suppressed but crucial movement of environmentalists.

After 50 years of being stereotyped, silenced, murdered, prosecuted, belittled and diminished, it finally feels as if environmentalists are being listened to. But not enough - we have a lot of healing and growing to do.

That starts with communication and education: holding reality and hope in one hand, the prioritisation of our lifeforce in the other. Not one country will be excluded from this crisis, not one career field or area of study, not one person. That’s why we welcome all contributors, from all countries, all disciplines to write about the most important issue that humanity has ever faced. Unlike war or political crises, we never experienced anything like this before.

Our generation will pave the way to the future. Climate apathy and denialism doesn’t belong there, nor greed, nor short-sightedness. 50 years on from Earthrise, we hope to be part of the discussion that will drive us towards a better future.

Earthrise was founded by Isabella Pojuner, and is edited by her and Christina Ivey - both 3rd year LSE students.

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